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Measure The PH Of The Soil And Enhance The Growth Of Your Plants

If you want to grow the crop on a land then you should check the condition of the soil for getting the best results. It is essential that the soil has the right pH as it helps in good growth of the plant. You can use the soil pH tester for knowing the detailed condition of the soil and make the necessary changes required for the healthy growth of the plants.If you test the pH of the soil, you should alsotest the hydrogen ions in the soil which carry the positive charge.

How to use soil pH meter?

Dig –it is essential tochoose a specific place where you want to test the soil.  After finalizing the place, use a trowel to dig a small hole. You should not dig the hole too deep. You should keep the length of the hole to the head of the trowel.

Remove debris- after digging, you should clean the hole to remove the elements like stones, plant roots, dry leaves and debris. You should remove all these things carefully and clean the entire hole for getting better results.

Add water–after cleaning the hole, pour the bottled water. You should mix the water with the soil. You can use the trowel for mixing the water and soil so that you can get a sludgy consistency for testing the pH of the soil.

Wipe and place the tester– before using the tester, it is essential to wipe it with a cloth. After wiping the tester you should place the tip of the probe into the sludgy hole for some seconds. You should submerge the tip for some distance to get a good reading.

Check indicators- after some seconds, you should check the indicators. You should place the meter carefully for getting the correct reading.You can check the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. Once you get the reading on the display then you should note the correct reading carefully.