How secure is your Seedbox?

If you have contemplated about having a Seedbox, you might have wondered about the safety. For most people, the main use of these servers is to torrent, which is like hosting a web, game and content servers which are not illegal. The content owner from your torrenting and your internet service provider will not have any chance for complaints as the traffic is encrypted. This means they have no access to your online logging activity.  When it comes to tracking, it all depends on what information and how much you give out. If you are purchasing the service using a pre-paid card or Bitcoins, it is definitely going to be hard to track you down.  Internet service providers do not put their time and resources into tracing users.

You will be happy to hear that there are no recorded instances where providers have been legally forced to provide any information on their consumers. Just like other internet providers, they have to comply with the rules to stay in business. Basically, this means that a provider must give out information of they are legally required to or else they would risk being sued and going to jail. Most consumers live in the hope that copywriter cops do not go after the data center for IP addresses. This may guarantee a little safety since the addresses are not that easy to track. Also, the copyright police are aware that they will have to go through a lot to get the actual locations of the users. If they do it, they will be risking too much money for something so uncertain.  In short, you are not at a greater risk than your service provider since you are in the same region and your details may not be revealed to any copyright cops unless there is a court order involved.