Listening to books and articles in your pocket

With Text to speech software, you can have articles or books in your pockets and read them out loud through your earphones. Multitasking is now a normal thing; you can do some house chores or drive while you are listening to your favourite books. Every time your eyes or hands are busy doing something as important, you can take the chance to finish a novel you once started.  Notevibes works well on iOS technology. If you have a list of books, you only have to select the one you are currently listening to and plug in your headphone. Tapping the headphone in your software application will launch the books and you can start listening to the chosen book. You can also listen to an article, text, poem or journal using the same type of software.

The TTS lets you change the speed of the voice, you can pause and play, it allows you to skip to another article and go ahead and back to a different point in the same article. The TTS technology seems to work the same in android as it does on apple devices. When you are listening to the articles or books from your pocket, you can access the same features. The payback options allow you to alter the speed, change the article, skip ahead and back, play and pause and also archive the article.  High quality TTS technology will allow you to stream the perfect quality sounds and voices. Hey use voices generated from the developer’s server as the TTS. If you are trying to learn a new language, there are a few translation and pronunciation options to help with that. You can select a preferred language and a specific voice that you want to listen to at a given time. Auto play allows you to move to the next article or book on your playlist automatically.